Aug 15 Posted By: amy

Making the right decision on colour when planning your design can make a huge difference between a great looking sash a bad one. Let us help and guide you through the minefield that can be colour combinations and printing with a few helpful tips and tricks to achieve a great looking sashes every time.

Follow these golden rules and your on track to sash perfection:

Probably the the most important thing you will need to think about when buying printed ribbon is having a good contrast between print and ribbon colour and choosing completing colours or striking opposites is key here!

PRINT COLOUR  - Almost every sash will work with either a white or black print (but remember contrast is key) If a coloured text is used on a coloured background the contrast can be weak but alternatively the most unlikely colour combinations can also surprise, we suggest trying our “Design a Sash” tool, have a play and you’ll soon see what works best for you.

FONTS – Some font styles will look better than others, when choosing a glitter effect of animal print such as zebra or leopard print we recommend a “Block” or “BOLD” style font over a thin script which would fail to show off the special effect.

TEXT LAYOUT – The use of capitalisation in wording generally only works with a basic font style, however the use of a single capital letter at the start of each word can add extra emphasis to each word and looks much better from a designers point of view even though people would argue it is not correct grammar.

Ribbon Colours that represent more than you may think!

We have broken them down into 5 core groups that any one colour will fall under to help you see what each colour stands for

BLACK - Associated with POWER, high impact, Elegance, Formality & Mystery

WHITE - Innocence, Purity & Virginity, Goodness and to be the colour of Perfection.

BLUE - The colour of the sea and sky, it is also associated with depth & Stability and symolises Trust, Liyalty, Confidence, Wisdom, Intelligence, Truth and Faith.

RED - Passion, Love & Desire it is also strongly associated with Fire, Blood & Danger alongside Energy, Strenth, Power and Determination.

YELLOW - Joy, Happiness, Sunshine, Intellect and Energy.

As you can see there are quite a few factors that go into making great looking personalised sashes and we hope these key points will help in some way. We are also more than happy to offer our professional opinion on every account if it all becomes a bit too overwhelming and will guide you along the way until we achieve sash perfection!