Welcome to our sash information page, here you will find all the necessary information you need to help you buy your sashes online with ease.
During our time printing ribbon we have been asked most questions, whether about sizes, printing or how to get a logo onto a sash.
On this one page we hope to cover any query you may have relating to sashes and the personalisation of them. If however, you can't find an answer to your query here, please drop us a line for a chat.
Our standard sashes are made from 96/100mm (4 inch) wide satin / polyester satin.
Each of our standard sashes are supplied ready to wear as a continuous loop & cut to a slight slant or straight finish depending on ribbon grade used. Fixed at the bottom using a strong adhesive, which avoids the problem of the sash coming undone with repeat use; a common problem that stitched sashes suffer from.
Standard Sash Sizes:
1.2m Infant
1.4m Child (Junior)
1.6m Teen / Small Adult
1.8m Adult
2.0m Large
2.5m XLarge

The size of a sash is measured by the overall length of material used.
The sash is then made into a loop, so the length of the front and the back is 50% of any overall size quoted.
For example a standard adult sash of 1.8m measures 90cm per side.

Sash Printing / Standard Sash Print Size:

We offer a huge range of print techniques from single to full colour digital & repeat print.
Our standard print size for sashes including designs / orders submitted through our sash creator is upto 360mm x 90mm depending on design.
With such a vast selection of print methods and machines at our disposal we can offer many customers print effects that just a few years ago, would only have been available to big corporate clients.


Artwork & Graphic files we can work from:

We generally perfer Vector based artwork as this offers the very best print results:
Illustrator CS2 or CS3, Corel Draw 10, Photoshop upto CS3, EPS, Ai, CDR, PDF, JPG files
We can only achieve end resuts as good as the original artwork and can not make bad artwork look good!
At Sashes.co.uk we do however offer a full inhouse design service, and for an additional charge can
re-typeset or even redraw low quality artwork to become print ready.

Artwork Preparation Size Guide for printed sashes:

Standard Print Size - upto 90mm x 360mm,
Long Print Size - upto 90mm x 450mm
Super Long Digital Print - upto 90 x 800mm (limited Print Colours)
Standard Repeat Digital Print - upto 90mm x 360mm (limited Print Colours)
Super Repeat Digital Print - upto 90mm x upto 800mm per print + gap between prints (limited Print Colours)
Full Colour Digital Print (white Satin) - upto 90mm x 300mm per print
Full Colour Digital Transfer (colourd satin) - upto 90mm x 450mm max
The below examples of sashes show the different print methods we use:
** Any of our print methods can be used together to achieve the desired effect and in turn the ultimate printed sash.

Examples of Sash Print Styles

Sash Colours & Print Methods

Standard, Long & Transfer Print Sashes - These sashes are printed using any of our stock print colours from the swatch below and can also be screen printed with a pantone match.
We can print each sash with upto 5 spot colours and offer all 32 different ribbon colours from our main swatch.
So, if you are looking to match a brand logo for a promotional event or colour co-ordinate your party or hen night, these are the sashes for you.

Repeat Print and Super long printed sashes - This print method requires a certain grade of satin for our specialist machines to print.
Although the range of colours is not as vast as our standard printed sashes, we still have 20 different ribbon colours to choose from.
The main advantage of these sashes is that they are all printed by machine rather than by hand. This allows us to offer them at hugely reduced prices making our printed and personalised sashes the cheapest you can buy.

Full Colour Digital Sashes - This print process requires white ribbon only as the print is dyed into the fabric rather than being a surface print.
If printed onto a coloured ribbon the inks will mix with the ribbon colour and will end in some very strange print results.
This print method is used for very complicated logos that have multiple colours, tone and shadow effects.

Blank Sashes - Print yourself satin sashes

As well as printing sashes we are also happy to supply both the trade and public blank sashes for you to personalise yourself.
Hotfoil Blocking - Most general purpose foils will stamp onto our ribbons.
Transfers, Iron on designs and heatpresses: Sashes are suitable for temperatures upto 200 degrees - 20 seconds, medium pressure. We also advise to use an application sheet or grease proof paper on top of your design before applying heat.
Screen Printing - For ink curing we advise a low heat setting for auto dryers to avoid shrinkage/burning.
Sublimation Printing - White Sublimation sashes only, Press sash for 10 seconds, apply reversed design and press for a further 20 seconds at 200 degrees. The first press will warm the satin and should prevent any ghosting of the image that may occur if printed onto a cold satin.