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Promotional Sashes

Promotional sashes offer one of the best ways to be noticed and stand out in a crowd, not only can they be worn over uniforms or personal clothing they offer a smarter alternative to printed t-shirts and can be worn by both males and females.

Promotional Sashes offer great brand awareness!

These highly popular promotional items are a very powerful tool when it comes to point of sale as well as customer and awareness. A promotional sash will make customers stop, look and be aware of your presence in a crowded area making it the perfect accessory for sales assistants, trade fairs, floor walkers, here to help guides and charity street collectors.

We have invested in the machinery, software and training to get it right time after time for our customers, combine this with our 47 years of knowledge and you’ve found a company that can not only talk the talk but also manufacture, print & deliver your sashes on time every time!

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